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West Hollywood Therapist Dedicated to Managing Depression Among the Queer Community

Holloway Therapy Group offers LGBT and queer clients in West Hollywood and the surrounding Los Angeles area tools for managing depression. Holloway Therapy Group practices personalized cognitive behavioral therapy, a method founded in the belief that thoughts and perceptions directly influence behavior. Our solutions-based approach asks you to be an active participant in your counseling.

You and Dr. Holloway will learn how to tune-in to your internal dialogue, recognize harmful thought patterns, and combat distorted perceptions. Our practice aims to provide you with the tools you need to employ constructive strategies and redirect your thinking, so you’re prepared to handle conflicts outside of session.

Dealing with Depression and Anxiety as an LGBT Individual

Holloway Therapy Group is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of LGBTQ individuals. The rates of depression and anxiety in the queer community are nearly twice as high as those in heterosexual and cisgender communities. While emotional stress may stem from sources independent of gender and sexuality—like work, relationships, and finances—LGBTQ individuals are exposed to additional social pressures that result in a higher propensity for anxiety and depression.

Most LGBTQ individuals are accustomed to adapting their presentations of gender and sexuality depending on how safe they feel in a given situation. Persistent prejudice and discrimination, even when not overt, can result in lasting injuries to your mental health—a reality well-known to many queer individuals.

At Holloway Therapy Group, we validate these pressures, while firmly asserting that minority-stress is not a total representation of queer identity. You are more than the sum of the challenges you have faced.

We work with you to create lasting strategies to manage anxiety in social, professional, and interpersonal settings, and employ sustained personalized treatments for depression. This may include a consultation with a psychiatrist to discuss medication. We aim to destigmatize conversations about mental health and support medication management when warranted. Dr. Holloway and his team are fully committed to your health and happiness. Schedule an appointment today.

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