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How to Register Service Pets with West Hollywood Psycho­therapist

Holloway Therapy Group offers ADA animal certification for qualified applicants hoping to register their current pet as an emotional support animal. With an office located in West Hollywood, along with the option of home visits, Dr. Holloway has teamed up with the local organization PAWS/LA to help register service pets according to ADA requirements. Emotional support certification is becoming a growing interest as more people feel the need for the support of an animal with the public access and legal benefits the certification allows.

The registration process is fairly simple. After a representative from Holloway Therapy Group verifies your eligibility, Dr. Holloway, a licensed psychologist, will submit a letter confirming your need for an emotional support animal. Your permit will ensure that both you and your pet have full access to public places.

ADA Emotional Support Animal Certification Benefits

Holloway Therapy Group provides ADA emotional support animal certification to eligible clients. Disabled individuals who travel with their animals are often harassed or questioned in public spaces. An ADA certification legally legitimizes your pet so that you can eliminate the possibility of awkward confrontation. An emotional support animal certification makes it much easier to fly with your pet. Airlines are legally obligated to allow emotionally impaired individuals to travel with a service animal. With ADA certification, you and your pet will be able to board planes easily, without additional fees or hassle from the airline.

ADA certifications are also beneficial for clients seeking new housing arrangements. With a legally registered emotional support animal, your landlord must provide reasonable accommodations for your animal, and will not be allowed to deny you housing due to a “no pets” policy. If you currently have an animal you rely on for emotional support, and are interested in certification, schedule an appointment with Dr. Holloway today.

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