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West Hollywood Psycho­therapist Committed to LGBT Health

Holloway Therapy Group is committed to providing LGBT clients with tools to maintain strong relationships and improve overall health. With a home office conveniently located in West Hollywood, as well as optional in-home services, Dr. Holloway and his team are readily available should a challenge arise outside of session.

Despite the culture’s growing acceptance of queer relationships and diverse sexual preferences, for many queer individuals, heightened social, familial, and hegemonic pressures persist. Dr. Holloway addresses the challenges facing LGBT and queer couples by providing collaborative, goal-oriented therapy to support clients’ relationships.

With Dr. Holloway’s guidance, you and your partner(s) will work together to set realistic expectations and establish relationship agreements grounded in mutual respect. Dr. Holloway’s specialties include navigating intimacy issues, power struggles, and the distinct challenges that arise for non-monogamous couples.

Dr. Holloway additionally specializes in providing emotional support to LGBT and queer individuals experiencing sexual dysfunction due to physiological or emotional hindrances. He also offers patients PrEP and PEP guidance, as well as H.I.V. support and information.

Leading Therapist Specializing in Gay Couples’ Counseling

Establishing or reestablishing trust and intimacy in your relationship is possible with gay couples’ counseling. Whether you and your partner are having difficulties navigating infidelity, an open relationship, work-life balance, or need additional support outside of one another, Holloway Therapy Group will help you create a plan tailored to your individual and relational needs. In a safe and collaborative environment, Dr. Holloway will work with you to improve communication, establish mutual respect, and develop healthy patterns to sustain lasting happiness.

Though all relationships have similar challenges, queer couples must navigate additional factors heterosexual partners seldom experience. While the Holloway Therapy Group is committed to the health of patient partnerships, we sometimes advise separation as the healthiest option. Dr. Holloway will work with the couple to determine a mutually-agreed-upon course of action—be it a restored commitment, or a healthy separation and dissolution of marriage or partnership. Why wait another day to get the counsel you deserve? Schedule an appointment today.

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