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Body Image and Self-Esteem Therapy at Leading West Hollywood Practice

Many LGBT and queer individuals face challenges with their body image and self-esteem. Holloway Therapy Group in West Hollywood is well-versed in managing these difficulties and is committed to helping clients rebuild confidence and self-love. While many people—regardless of sexual orientation—experience discomfort about their bodies, pressures are heightened in LGBT and queer communities, especially among gay men.

Holloway Therapy Group has an acute understanding of these damaging social burdens and will work with you to develop a healthy relationship with your body and an enduring sense of self-worth. Dr. Holloway wants to help you better understand and express your emotions, so you can maintain strong, stable relationships—with yourself and others.

LGBT Counseling for Body Image Issues

Dr. Ian Holloway and his network of experienced healthcare professionals outside of the Holloway Therapy Group provide expert LGBT counseling services for individuals struggling with body image issues. Low self-esteem tied to poor body image is a growing concern within the gay community, and can lead to body dysmorphia, eating disorders, depression, and substance abuse. With media and advertisers overtly sexualizing gay culture, promoting toxic masculinity, and condemning expressions of femininity, it is understandable that so many LGBT and queer individuals struggle with low self-esteem.

In a careful and empathetic manner, Dr. Holloway will help you establish healthy perceptions regarding your body and self-worth that are independent of your physical attributes. Together, you will work to manage your expectations, rebuild your confidence, and establish an enduring mentality of self-love and acceptance, regardless of your shape, size, or musculature. Book an appointment with Dr. Holloway today.

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