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Overcome Substance Abuse with LGBTQ-Friendly Therapist

Holloway Therapy Group is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of our clients, and we want to help you overcome substance abuse. Dr. Holloway is currently seeing new patients in his West Hollywood office, and is also available to make home visits to individuals unable to utilize services outside their own homes.

The LGBT community faces higher rates of substance abuse than those in other heterosexual and cisgender communities. Whether we attribute that fact to the struggle of balancing work-life and relationships, or the stress of heightened social pressures, many LGBT and queer individuals turn to self-medication to cope. Substance use that starts innocently can quickly escalate. If what began as an occasional night out has transformed into a daily habit, Dr. Holloway can help you create a personalized care and treatment plan that unmasks the root issues of your substance use.

Substance Use Disorder Therapy for Queer Individuals

Holloway Therapy Group provides professional substance use disorder therapy to individuals seeking assistance with their behavioral and mental health needs. Substance abuse, often a symptom of stress, is on the rise in the queer community. In a safe and supportive environment, Dr. Holloway employs motivational interviewing and mindfulness tactics to help you identify the role substance abuse currently plays in your life.

From there, you and Dr. Holloway will develop an effective treatment plan, whether it’s holistic or medication-assisted with additional psychiatric support. If warranted, Holloway Therapy Group may refer clients to inpatient or outpatient detox or treatment centers in lieu of, or in conjunction with, ongoing therapy. We are here to get you the help you deserve. Schedule an appointment today.

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